What does your next chapter look like? 💛

Wow! What a beginning to what promises to be an intense year! Only a few days left for this special promotion. Book your reading now!

Astrologers have been very curious about how 2020 will unfold. This a historic time of endings, the beginning of new cycles, and substantial fiscal, political, environmental and social change.

If you want to begin a new chapter with a happier and more fulfilled you... astrology can be a wonderful guide! As individuals our birth chart can saymuch about where best to turn our attention, the path forward that brings greatest fulfillment, and how to navigate and make the most out of what challenges (aka growth) that may lay before us. There are no scary predictions... only wise counsel.

Bring light to what to expect as the year unfolds for you. 2020 calls us all to turn the page... 💛

During my two hour birth chart readings we touch on current and upcoming themes to be aware of. There is always more to say! With my special for January, in celebration of a new decade, I am offering a free bonus personalized audio to all who book a birth chart reading. This recording focuses on where the twists and turns happen for you. How the plot thickens in your life story! And brings light to what to expect as the year unfolds for you. 2020 calls us all to turn the page.

To book your reading send me a private message or email me at: astrologer.eve@gmail.com

Blessings, Astrologer Eve

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